live to work


live to work

While much of the US rests for the Labor Day holiday today, Brad Van Liew and his Lazarus/Le Pingouin crew are working nonstop to prepare for a Monday morning departure from the US to France.  BVL and crew will leave their dock at Charleston’s Seabreeze Marina around 1100 EST in the Open 60 "Le Pingouin", bound for the mid-October start of the Velux 5 Oceans Race, which, with an 8-boat fleet, seems to be shaping up pretty nicely compared to recent years.

Brad will be testing out some of his cool new media gadgets along the way, and we’ll have reports and interviews from him throughout his long shakedown voyage, but we’re starting it off right for him with a live streaming video broadcast of the team’s final preparation and sendoff to sea.  Dockside we’ll be speaking to his shore and sailing crew, representatives from sponsors Gill and OnDeck as well as the other folks that swing by to take a look.  Once on the water, we’ll be with Brad’s wife Meaghan and their two kids, and we’ll get their view of the upcoming voyage and race as well.  Be sure to dig through Brad’s site to learn more about why this race is going to be so much fun to follow, and watch our live coverage starting at 0900 EST right here.  Huge thanks to Dave Pritchard and Gill for their strong support of Brad’s grassroots campaign, as well as to Richard Speer and OnDeck for their support, and for making our live coverage possible.  We’ll be speaking to Speer about OnDeck’s plans to open sailing centers across the USA over the coming few years along the lines of their already-successful Charleston program, and here’s an interview with Pritchard about the sweet GILL gear that Brad and team will be wearing for their delivery, and for the race.

Remember: Whether you’re brushing off a hangover or stuck in the office with all your friends are at the beach, you can kill a few hours watching a dream come true for a bunch of dedicated folks with a hell of a cool boat.  And you can watch it via the Justin.TV app for your Droid or iPhone too (hint: just search for ‘onthewateranarchy’ after you’ve installed it).  Why not?  Here’s the link again.

Le Pingouin Crew for Charleston-La Rochelle:

Brad "Papa Bear" Van Liew
JC "The Dude" Caso
Brendan "Nitro" Fitzgerald
Tim "Counseler" Eble