that’s ed

that’s ed

As in Ed Wright, as in kicking ass at the Finn Gold Cup. Thanks to Robert Deaves for the shot. Below is Phil Toth’s day 3 report and his 2 report with pics by Paige Brooks..


Day 3 Preparation- Would-a, Could-a, Should-a…lesson learned!!! It is a well known fact that your performance in a regatta is a direct result of your preparation and pre planning well before the first start ever happens. When the top guys get to the regatta site months before hand to train and get used to the conditions for weeks at a time…take note! When those same guys go out sailing every day, working on boat speed and boat handling…take note! When the top guys are at home and in bed by 9:30 each evening and not out partying and drinking…take note! These are the guys that cross 300 yards ahead of you only 200 yards after the start and make you think “wow how did he get there…the lucky bastard”. It is not “luck!” There is at least one in every fleet, a guy that can always turn on the afterburners and dig his way out of a tight spot or a bad start. They have done their homework and are in top physical shape to be able to take advantage of a favorable shift or  a chance port tack the fleet when the situation arises.  If you think that you can beat these guys by showing up the day before the event, drinking till all hours each night during the regatta, sailing hung over, and not practicing your boat speed and handling for weeks or months before the event then your ego is going to take a big hit when you realize that you are not even on the same lap as the fast guys. Watch how the top guys in your fleet prepare before the event…they do it for good reason!

It was sun tanning weather today before the start of the third day of racing. With the high heat in the bay area, the thermal that drives the wind to a not un-common 20-30kts on most days was much weaker. The Finns were postponed ashore for an hour before drifting out to the start line for first race of the day, which began in 10 kts of breeze. Rafael Trujillo and Ed Wright both had a race win each today in much lighter conditions over all with a max of 15kts in the second race. Ed has now jumped from 3rd to 1st to be the 3rd race leader in as many days. The racing is still tight at the top with any of a half dozen sailors able to take the top spot….Results and Video plus the Kattak replay

Day 2 Race one started in very un-typical San Francisco conditions…light wind! The wind here only builds, I don’t think it ever gets lighter, just windier and windier, a vicious cycle that is determined to batter and bruise your body and ego.  The start of the first race today was hands down won by the young junior from Brazil, Jorge Zarif, when he port tacked the 87 boat fleet. Ed Wright legged out and won the race after the wind picked up ¾ of the way up the first beat, causing the O flag to be hoisted and the “open pumping rule” to be in effect for the remainder of the race.  

The wind had filled in to 20+ kts by the start of the second race today, and steadily built from there. Ed Wright was able to sail higher and faster than the rest of the fleet. Ed is a physical beast in the boat, he hikes the boat harder and flatter than the rest, and is rewarded by being able to sail higher and faster. Plenty of stars here, including this guy who was caching his nephew Matt.