dear diary

dear diary

Finn Gold Cup – Strong like bull, smart like tractor!!!

Why do I do this to myself, am I some sort of masochistic head case? Explain again why sailing in 25kts is fun. How am I supposed to enjoy myself when I have to straight leg hike an overpowered Olympic heavy weight Finn dingy (which will hence forth be known as “the torture rack”) for 1.8 miles into 2 kts of current and banging into chop that is actually square. Then once finally around the top mark I nearly had both my arms torn off as I had to furiously pump my way down wind making as much progress as a butterfly into a hurricane.  

Back up wind for the second lap and into the square chop and current again  for another relaxing 1.8miles….at the end of which I received a salt water enema care of  the San Francisco Bay during the reach into the finish. Not to mention the number of times I take my life in my hands each time I gybe this beast of a boat. If ever you want to see grown men cry, who are of the kind of stature that would cause you to walk the other way if you ran across them in a dark ally, then sit at the gybe mark during a windy race and watch the tears of sheer joy as they come out of the gybe in one piece, or the tears of utter despair as his $3500 carbon wing mast goes in the drink and comes up broken in two pieces.  

To get a Finn around the course is no small feat…it takes the strength of a body builder the  balance of a gymnast and the physical fitness of Lance Armstrong. Winning at this level is next to being super human. This boat rewards you when you put the effort in and smacks you down hard if you don’t… and it makes all the effort, pain and trouble worth your while when you come screaming in to the finish on a blinding fast reach grinning from ear to ear. The big winner on the first day of the Finn Gold Cup was Rafael Trujillo with a 2-1, and Ed Wright on day two with a 1-1. Results. – Phil Toth.