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wake up!

It’s about time! There have been several attempts to present the ISAF Official Racing Rules of Sailing on mobile phones – so far none have been compelling. But YOU-TACK! Pro has done it. The Racing Sailor’s Illustrated Guide adds life and clarity to an otherwise sleepy subject.

Each rule has clear explanations and illustrations. As an added feature, to see whether you really understand how the rules work on the water, they’ve provided 42 quizzes in 3D animations. Each quiz answer points to specific rules, so you’ll know which ones you need to review. YOU-TACK! Pro also offers a Scoreboard – you and your mates can see how many quizzes were answered correctly.

All the official ISAF rules from Part 1 to Part 7, plus appendices A to D, with all the signals, the international flags, and the ISAF definitions are included. The complete app, YOU-TACK! Pro, is $19.99. It’s informative, clarifying, entertaining, and worth the price! YOU-TACK! Pro is available on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. By September it will be on Android phones as well.

On top of that you can win an iPAD! But you have to sign up by Oct 31st. You can find out how on: www.you-tack.com