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All the geniuses involved in making sure that the next America’s Cup is worse than the one before it now apparently have another bad idea? From the Slam AC Anarchy Forum.

Oracle to take Cup to Europe
8/19/2010 11:20 AM

Oracle is set to take the next America’s Cup to Europe; Yachting commentator Peter Montgomery says it will be raced in Italy and using multi-hull boats.

Oracle is set to shun the United States and hold the next America’s Cup in Europe.

It’s understood there isn’t the financial willpower in the US to stage the regatta with the State of California broke.

Commentator PJ Montgomery says Larry Ellison is also poised to announce the Cup will not be raced in mono-hulls. He says we should know in the next couple of months that the America’s Cup will be raced in multi-hulls in La Maddalena in Italy.

Montgomery says there could be a small revolution from challengers on Oracle’s hands. He says Team Origin has already indicated it is not interested in multi-hulls. Jump in.