big pimpin’


Mauri Pro Sailing, the brand new title sponsor of our Cruising Anarchy Forum, has a new product line…

Even though you have seen some of the Mauri Pro Sailing crew hiking hard on the race course, what is a well kept secret is that Juan Mauri gets seasick! So it has been a couple of years since he went to places like the Galapagos but recently he and some of his crew have been cruising the Bahamas, Islas Mujeres and some other venues fairly close to home.

His team, as most cruisers, really enjoy a well set up boat to minimize effort and to free a hand for a cold beer while keeping a Jimmy Buffet (or Linkin Park – Ed) CD playing all day long.

Not only is Mauri cruising, but their products are too; Mauri Sails have been delivered around the globe, exotic places and cruising grounds as Pappette, Vanuatu, the south Caribbean and more. So if you are looking for new sails, a furling unit, new deck layout, traveler system or simply would like to talk about your boat and next cruising adventure, give us a call. Mauri Pro Sailing really shares and embraces the passion for sailing. Just like you.