Miles to go before Ronnie and Ed from the Mount Gay 30 Warrior’s Wish make it back to San Francisco from Hawaii…without a keel!  Here’s Ronnie’s latest update.

August 15 – 341 miles to go

Day 4 with no keel and we’re chugging right along here in the Pacific. After the whole freight ship fuel drop fiasco, we motored into a headwind and a small sea state which was right on the nose. Boat speeds were pitiful with the little 1 lunger Yanmar. We put the "4 knot" in "4 knot shitbox" for sure. Breeze shifted back to NW, and eventually to West, which was a double edged sword. Going downwind in a following sea with no keel is interesting. There’s not 30 degrees of leeward helm like there is on a reach, but you have to sheet in the jib, getting almost no drive out of it. So boat speeds did drop slightly when going downwind. Sheeting out made the boat roll horribly, which was quite disconcerting, so we have opted to sheet in for stability.

Passed a freighter last night, changed the engine oil and fuel filters this morning and are still on our way to San Fran. 341 miles to go, and we hope to be there in about 3 days. It looks like we have an almost ideal weather window to make San Francisco, so we have throttled up a bit, making 5 knots consistently. I don’t think fuel is of any concern as the freighter dropped off more than enough. With any luck, we’ll be at the pub in 72 hours!

Special shout out to all of the returning Pac Cup boats participating in morning and nightly roll calls. Totally brings up the morale on the boat to talk to some other California bound yachts. And congrats to Valis for making it back to Sausalito!

This totally puts the gay in Mount Gay 30.

Ronnie Simpson and Ed McCoy – Out!