playin’ their song

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playin’ their song

Another great Pierrick Contin shot showing the flavor of the Estonia Worlds, where the Rufo Bressani-led Uka Uka Racing is a day away from clinching the 2010 Melges World Championship for the second time in three years.  After ten races, Bressani, with tactician Jonathan McKee, trimmer Federico Michetti, owner Lorenzo Santini, and frontman Fabio Gridelli has an incredible 32-point lead over second place – an unheard-of margin at an event like this, especially with fellow Italian rock stars like Alberto Bolzan, Flavio Favini, and Niccolo Bianchi in attendance.  Well done to the Uka boys, and check out pictures, interviews, and videos from Fiona Brown and Justin Chisholm at the M24 Blog here on the final day of racing.

Uka Uka are the new World Champions, having headed back to the dock after Race 11 with more than enough in the bag. 

Congratulations to the entire team, especially Lorenzo Santini and team manager Federico Michetti, who becomes the first person to ever win three Melges 24 World Championships.  Great job!