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The Ultimate 20 Class just completed their 2010 North American Championships last week in Lake Dillon, Colorado at 9000 feet!  24 spirited sprit boats were on the line battling some of the most infamous conditions anywhere, driven by the gorgeous and severe topography of the Rocky Mountains. U20’s came from all over North America – from Sarnia, Ontario, to Columbia, South Carolina, to Ben Lomond, California. 

Several past NA champions came to compete against each other.  The two most current champions are brothers, and they battled like only brother can.  Tac Boston skippered the Boston family-owned Honour while Brad crewed on Jim Pearson’s Slippery, and after a couple of days of racing, Pearson owned the water.  A tight battle for second and third evolved between Michael Eisenberg’s Toon Town, Keith Ziegler’s Hunter, Tom Burden’s Layla and the aforementioned Honour.  Only 9 races could be run over the three days because of light and shifty winds. Final results are posted here!

This cult-favorite Class is in an exciting phase right now, as the Class now owns the molds and production rights in North America, and the Class just approved carbon rigs for use in Class competition.  New and used boats are available on the class website at http://u20class.org/ and of course you can follow the thread on Sailing Anarchy’s Forums!