vagabond vixen


vagabond vixen

Ordinarily, the last thing we want to read is yet another blog from a cruising couple.  There are hundreds of them out there, and aside from a precious few standouts, they are carbon copies of each other; self-aggrandizing crap, dry voyage reports, and travelogs without the humor and self-deprecation that make real travel writing readable.

For the most part, cruising blogs serve their purpose, which is to document a trip for the owners and their friends and families and give bored cruisers a sense of purpose.  Good for them – we don’t have to read their stuff, and we don’t.

But this one’s different; very different.  And it actually serves a purpose – intentional or not – which is to show younger folks that cruising can be sexy, fun, and not just for retirees.

So this week, we honor photographer, graphic designer and super hot round-the-world chick Taru Tuomi as our Sailor Chick of the Week.  Not for her looks, as stellar as they are, and not for her sailing prowess, about which we haven’t a clue.  No, we honor Taru for her exhibitionism, and her desire to share her honest thoughts and some damned good photos with the world during her and her man’s circumnavigation.  We’ve convinced her to contribute exclusive pieces to SA over the coming months, and hopefully, she’ll be able to avoid the usual pitfalls that so frequently turn a great idea into something that fades into oblivion.

Check out their blog here, go to Taru’s personal blog for some more luscious pics, and read the thread in the forums here.