life of lia


Meetings, meetings, meetings; another hectic week lies ahead! The clock ticks. The official deadline for the Barcelona World Race 2010 looms. And? Do you have a sponsor? Do you have a boat yet? Who’s your co-skipper? The questions fly.
(The boat and the co-skipper are both ready-to-board, waiting in the wings.)

Second to Christmas, August must be the worst month in which to cement a deal. The decision makers are on holiday: out-of-office replies pinging back in lieu. Let’s be frank. It’s tough. The race entrance fee is 21,400 Euros and it’s due on August 31st and that’s not mentioning the £1.5 million needed to run the campaign…

Do I wake up in the morning and have doubts whether I will succeed? The answer is no. There are several companies considering title sponsorship of the project. A major foundation has offered fiscal sponsorship and a new charity that will announce its incredible work to date, will hit the press in September. Patience and persistence, I tell myself.

On Saturday, we were grateful to Sphere Studios for the use of Studio One and to ‘Duran Duran’ for the loan of one of their synthesizers. We filmed the ‘Open Boat Orchestra’ (OBO) Masthead unit making music! I was thrilled to finally be able to demonstrate the concept on camera!

Thursday 12th heralds a big day in the development of the OBO Project! The team will be back in the recording studio, this time for the ‘Meeting of the musicians’ organized by myself and Mark Ty-Wharton, OBO Project Director of Music. For the past few weeks, I’ve been singing in Brian Eno’s Nottinghill studio ‘a cappella’ choir group and met an amazing group of talented, often famous music personalities and Mark, of course has 20 years of contacts in the music business, 15 working with ‘Duran Duran.’ The evening will be a gathering of musicians and some of the world’s most musically innovative technical experts. The purpose of the night is to invite involvement, shape the character of the ‘Open Boat Orchestra’ music and to discuss the content and interplay of the GPS-triggered music library – the native instrument sounds and rhythms of the countries as they are passed along the Barcelona World Race route.

The web platform allowing you to remix and create your own ‘OBO’ music will be discussed this week with sponsor #1. To give you a taster of what’s possible, I asked OBO Project Director of Music, Mark Ty-Wharton to take the audio track from Saturday’s studio time and using the original output from the masthead unit, to make a funky mix! Here it is:

Stay tuned!