they are the world


they are the world

Once again the international children charity sailing flotilla, Kids for Freedom (K4F), took place in Marmaris from 24th to 31th July 2010, with 10 sailing yachts. 52 socially disadvantaged kids, from poor and problematic families,orphans houses from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey gathered together for an adventures sailing week in beautiful Turkish rivera.

K4f is a non-profit yachting initiative for socially weak children from all over the word, providing them with an educational and adventure network, supporting multi-cultural and multi-religious appreciation, widening one’s horizon, mediating sense of responsibility and mutual support.

This year 52 kids became a part of international K4F family. Together with their new foreign friends they sailed out from Marmaris Netsel Marina and went from bay to bay, playing sports, swimming, singing, dancing and having fun together, apart from learning basics of sailing. But not only having fun and good times together is the aim of the project: learning to be a team, despite all the cultural, religious and language differences between the participants, having responsibilities and given the trust, kids and adults are growing together through the week, on each boat and a big team all together.

The project started in 2003 by Bernhard Blaha from Austria, the owner of yacht charter company Phoenix Yachting (www.phoenixyachting.com ), who wanted to give a chance of wonderful sailing holidays to those kids who do not have too many chances in their every day life.

The event is cost-free for all the kids, which is only possible with the sponsors’ support and the work of volunteers: skippers, kids leaders and teachers.

During the 7 years of the project K4F had about 450 socially handicap kids from Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Russia and of course Turkey.

K4F 2010 participants:

  • Turkey, 12 kids:
    Mugla Kiz Yetistirme Yurdu – orphans house from Mugla
    Fethiye Erkek Yetstirme Yurdu – orphants house from Fethiye
  • Romania, 7 kids:
    Asociatia Voluntara Castel Bannffy – Romanian non-profit social organisation, supporting orphants & social houses
  • Austria, 15 kids:
    Kiwozi-Schwechat – orphants house from Vienna
    Happy Kids – Austrian non-profit organisation, supporting kids in difficult life sitiations.
    SMS Hadersdort – sports school from Vienna
  • Hungary, 6 kids:
    Szekacs Jozsef Csazadsegito Alapityany– hungariansocial organisation, supporting kids from problem families
  • Poland, 6 kids:
    ZPOW – orphants house from Nowy Sacz
  • Russia, 6 kids:
    Lopuhinskiy Destkiy Dom – orphants house from St. Petersburg region

The K4F week finished with the concert, prepaired by the kids, in Magic Life Club Hotel, ending with  K4F song in 6 languages. K4F thanks all the sponsors, who made it possible to happen this year and with the hope for the support of K4F 2011:


– Anna Shleynikova