pimp daddy


Bill Barton of San Francisco has completed a 200-page memoir/biography, The Legend of imp. If you were around during the IOR days, you know what an incredible time that was, and you certainly know what a great boat imp was. The book has some killer photos and includes a decade of IOR racing adventures.

The 40-foot Ron Holland-designed sloop was launched two days before the start of the 1977 SORC—then the de facto championship of United States ocean racing. imp dazzled the ocean-racing world in her first six years on both coasts of North America and Europe. She won the 1977 Fastnet and survived the 1979 Fastnet, mother of all storms. There are a ton of great stories, with names you will know, and a history that both seems so long ago, yet somehow just yesterday…

Along with Doug Peterson’s Ganbare, no other modern small yacht has served as such a crucible for new ideas in yacht design. Her blazing success led her to be called the “Pocket Rocket,” and the “Bionic Babe,” and fondly by her crew the “imp-Mobile.” Through seven owners, she has continued her stunning legacy to this day. imp is truly a legend in the annals of yacht racing and a character fully alive to those who sailed her, destinies intertwined. This is their story. Jump on for the wild ride!