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f rock stars

Anarchist Notmyboatsname rants…

I’m quite annoyed with the increasing use of "paid" / "rock-star" crew. I’m just going to throw this one out there and see where it goes….

Several years ago we hired a guy to take our cruiser back to the west coast after the Pac Cup. He gathered a couple of friends and began the trip from Kanahoe, HI to California –> our boat was cherry at the time after having just undergone a total and complete refit, new everything – new generator, new engine, new watermaker, new stove, new electrical, new new perfect perfect….Well the asshole in charge left a fucking porthole open in the engine room, presumably during warm/calm weather, he then forgot to close it when he got into some weather…. I think he claimed the porthole simply leaked, but there were obvious signs that more water entered the engine room than a "leak’ would allow…and no leaks at all on the trip to Hawaii….

There was a visible water line mark within the generator compartment, water from a ‘leak’ wouldn’t have left a waterline if the captain did regular engine room checks. The porthole was obviously left open and the engine room was left unchecked
d for far too long. long story short our brand new NOLIGHTS generator was ruined.

The guy offered no apology, no offer to refund us for his fee. $10,000 damage and he blamed the weather and a leak. I now find out he’s considered by some to be a "rock-star", presumably paid crew, aboard a west-coast ocean racing program….

This phenomenon of under qualified paid crew needs to stop…these guys are just glorified dinghy sailors. There are Volvo/Vendee/AC guys (the real pro’s)…. and then there are these shitheads. I’d rather place last with a group of humble, decent sailors than place first with a group of arrogant and under qualified paid crew. I think i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, hence my rant….any thoughts?