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The folks from Sailing Aarhus are doing some incredible work at the SAP International 5O5 Worlds this week, and we’re recognizing it with our ‘media matters’ award, which includes a month of free advertising on the most viewed website in sailing.  They’ve taken the grassroots concept that our own On-The-Water Anarchy has pioneered and combined it with the leverage of Twitter and Flickr, a slick little tracker, some crazy SAP-designed performance analysis, and the robust Danish wireless network to bring some top-notch, relatively low-cost live sailing coverage of an excellent class championship to the world.

Their ‘mash-up’ page surrounds the live streaming video window and the tracker with auto-updating Tweets from a helicopter, the Race Committee, the gate launch boat, and the public, and the video from the course is commentated by the entertaining and knowledgable Malcolm "Pip" Pearson, the International Class President.  Even with all this ‘new media’ glamour, they’re still putting together great daily press releases and pictures for the conventional press – something many events forget in this internet age.  While we know that the 5-Oh Worlds has solid resources (courtesy of title sponsor SAP and the event’s other partners), there is clearly an army of hard-working folks behind what is some of the best sailing coverage we’ve seen in 2010.

Check out the event site here and spend some time browsing through the prodigious amount of content  they’ve got on offer, and check out the the mash-up site tomorrow for more live racing action.  And everyone…take notes: As we’ve said for some time, this is the future of sailing.

Thanks to Christophe Favreau for the great photo..