moor claws

moor claws

Rather than loading up the sea floor with concrete and rebar for moorings and other underwater structures, why not make create effective new habitats for the critters that are disappearing from our waters at an alarming rate?

That’s a question that Wind Reef Group LLC, working with the University of Maine, is hoping to answer with its new lobster-friendly moorings.  Meanwhile, others are calling for offshore turbine designers to spend more time incorporating critter-friendly features in their machines’ bases.

While artificial reefs can only solve a portion of the problems faced by our near-shore waters today, hopefully there will be some motivation to see far more of this kind of creative thinking in the future.  And there might be: President Obama just signed an Executive Order  that "established for the first time a comprehensive, integrated National Policy for the stewardship of the ocean, our coasts, and Great Lakes, which sets our Nation on a path toward comprehensive planning for the preservation and sustainable uses of these bodies of water."

We’ll see.