dhabi dragon

dhabi dragon

It’s good news for the Volvo Ocean Race that after a few false starts and PR bungles, their Abu Dhabi entrant has finally gone public with their team for the next VOR, and it ain’t Alinghi, as previously rumored.

The new team will be skippered and managed by Ian Walker and include a significant portion of his crowd pleasing, underperforming Green Dragon bunch, and hopefully this time, their budget and prep time will let them be in the hunt for more than just experience points.  With McConaghy confirmed as builder and Farr rumored as the designer, one would hope so.

One possible explanation for the garbled comms from the UAE, including this very announcement being posted then removed from official sites more than a month ago might just be that the UAE has banned all Blackberry services in the Emirates since they can’t listen in on RIM’s encrypted messaging.  You folks headed over for the Louis Vuitton might want to trade up for an iPhone before the next event…

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