sex and the sail

sex and the sail

We caught wind of this little feature from the excellent sailing comic blog Sailingbreak, and since we couldn’t figure out what the hell they were saying, we stole the title for our own little sexy four-part piece.

Sailor Chick Scribbles

Our first piece comes from Sailing Break itself, and the caption reads: "Get that thing away from my boat or I’ll chop it off!"

Sex and Sailing

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Outstanding Assets

The second sex shot of the day is of a spectator at the hastily-thrown-together Extreme 40 World Champs in Portoroz, Slovenia a couple weeks ago. Never mind that there are only 6 boats there. Never mind that the same ISAF that came down on Sailing Anarchy for the use of the word "World" has sanctioned it for the X40s despite nothing like compliance with ISAF’s own rules. With talent like this on hand and photographers to send it to us, we wish them many more ‘World’ championships. Check out some solid coverage at the event site. Photo from Crt Slavec/Extreme40Worlds/The Ocean Racing Club.

Hot Chick

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Italian Nice

We are once again not sure what they’re saying, but the Ventodisardegna (wind of Sardinia) site has some awfully nice deck wenches aboard. Of course there was similar talent on hand during our coverage of the Melges 20 Gold Cup in Lake Garda, and we’re seriously considering moving to Italy. Wouldn’t you?

More Chicks

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Bare Assets

So maybe this isn’t the kind of sex you had in mind, but clearly Race Committee in Slovenia means something a little less tightly wound than it does here in the States. This great reality show shot, also from the X40 Worlds, from Christian Prenner for Chili-Sports Communication.