urge overkill

urge overkill

Jungle Jim and his boys on the Columbia 30 Uncontrollable Urge raced their way to a first in class, seventh in fleet in the recent Pacific Cup, but more remarkable than their performance is this great fish tale, posted today in the forums. For more pics and stories from their trip, check the blog. Well done on all counts, boys!

About two hours ago, we were moving right along when there was a THUMP on the keel. What the heck? Not what you want to hear any time, and especially when you have 700 plus miles to reach land. Then, there was a second louder thump and a flash of brown went by about Urge Overkillthree feet under the water. We were being attacked by a shark! It was about 8ft long. It turned around and made another strike, this time at the rudder. Urge has a transom hung rudder so Skillsaw got to see the full effect as he was driving. For us, that was too much. Believing it had the potential to break the rudder (although it may have been suicidal to do so) we got the boat hook and prepared to lash a knife to it. Meanwhile, Sloth was heading below to launch a chemical and biological attack from the head tank. Luckily, the shark must have had time to realize the full potential of the biological munitions that four grown men subsisting primarily on dried fruit and dehydrated meals can generate, and decided to call it a day.

Now it is time for another very dark night of driving.

Post script- We reached Hawaii with a few more adventures, but quite a bit of skepticism from IceMan who was on his offwatch during the "so called, shark attack." After all, how many of you would believe getting rudely jarred up with the words "Wake up dude, we are being literally attacked by a shark." Yeah, right…nice one…thanks for waking me up asshole… However, there was no doubt that the three people up during the incident experienced it and the tiller absolutely shuddering. According to Skillsaw (driver) "It looked like something out of Jaws."

Long story short, we pull the boat, lift the keel, and what do we see? Three long, gnarly bites on the bulb (one on the underside, not shown). Four big teeth taking bits of keel with each bite. That was one pissed off shark.

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