doin’ it right 1

doin’ it right 1

The success of certain classes just makes you scratch your head sometimes, but that same head scratching often leads to the realization that, in a niche sport like ours, all it takes to succeed is to be just a bit better than the other guys.

Case in point:  The Finn.  This old (designed in 1949), painful singlehander for big boys just keeps growing and growing, despite a non-stop parade of potential challengers – most of them faster, cheaper, and more user-friendly –  coming and going.  In part, the Olympic exposure helps, and some of the star power in the classes – the ‘Ainslie Effect’ – helps them too.  But embracing new marketing and outreach can’t hurt either, as evidenced by the piles of time and money the Class just threw into a very nice new website.  From the Class:

The new website will spearhead the Finn classes media and publicity programme over the next few years as it seeks out additional ways to innovate its already substantial media presence and brings Olympic Finn sailing to many thousands of enthusiasts and readers worldwide.  Features of the new website include:

  • RSS feed for news articles and race reports
  • ‘LEARN’ section featuring coaching advice, technical articles and resources
  • Free access to the class magazine FINNFARE online as a page turning eBook
  • Instant translation to more than 50 languages using Google Translate plugin
  • Finn Class Newsletter and Press Release sign up
  • Full searchable archive of news articles and results
  • Finnshop with Paypal shopping cart
  • Archives of all results back to 1952
  • Extensive photo and video galleries
  • Access to full range of Finn class media platforms
  • Range of advertising positions and opportunities throughout the website
  • New integrated bulletin board for discussion and sailor interaction.
  • as well as much more to follow over the coming months.

Take a look at the new site at: www.finnclass.org