makin’ bacon

regatta report

makin’ bacon

Those of you who know Snap know he’s a crazy sonofabitch, and that’s why we dig him…

Whidbey Island Race Week day 3 looked a bit grim with no wind initially but filled in for a great day of racing in Penn Cove. Lots of tight racing and the Y reaching mark made for great viewing from the Coupeville dock. However, all of this good sailing was a precursor to the evening’s activities and the second annual ‘Bacon Off’.

The Bacon Off is fast becoming a WIRW sideshow attraction, which makes sense as we all know everything is better with bacon. Three teams entered while my ace chef crew from Canada decided they didn’t have enough time to prepare and ran off to sing karaoke and get hypnotized at the Lava Lounge.

Overall winners were Team Shark AWESOME for presentation, quality, quantity, and sticking to the rules! They had the following on hand:

Bacon sausage with bacon sauce
Bacon wrapped pork loin, stuffed with bacon, wrapped in bacon with a Porter Beer Bacon sauce (beer, butter, bacon, cream and onion)
Bacon dipped in a chocolate bacon sauce
Tray of Bacon

Winners for best ambiance and party was Camp Canada who besides keg stands had bacon wrapped, marinated beef. Marinade was beer, bacon, Worcester sauce, Tabasco and garlic. Delicious!

Clear dessert favorite was Team Prowler’s Bacon Smores!

Congrats to the entrants and all will be getting SA swag for their efforts!