malcesine mainstream


malcesine mainstream

It’s a long way from Michigan to Malcesine, and  fortunately SA had a slightly different reception in Italy than it did in Port Huron last weekend when Clean and team arrived to shoot the 37-boat Melges 20 Gold Cup which starts tomorrow.  They took Mer out on the RIB to get some shots of the practice race, including one of this classic gaff-rigged schooner upwind of one of the twenties. From Clean:

So it looks like Banff or something up here combined with the most beautiful buildings and centuries-old castles, with these incredibly massive cliffs surrounding the lake – but it’s warm and the water is just about perfect, and every day, at least 10 knots of breeze building to 15 or more.  But the most perfect part of the middle of Lake Garda – for someone like me, anyway – is that it forces the fleet to hang out ashore until around noon, if not later.  There’s just no wind until then, and everyone chills out with maybe some pasta, maybe a little early lunch with a small glass of red wine, it’s truly civilized in a way that we dig.  Screw 8:00 boat times.

Anyway, the 3G networks blow here but the course is pretty close to shore, so we’re going to do a mix of live streaming video from the land along with recorded interviews from earlier in the day, and we’ll have some beautiful and knowledgeable girls as well as some extremely special guests helping us commentate the action.  Mer will be throwing us a memory card from the RIB between races so you can see the beauty of Garda in photos almost as it happens.  Be sure to check out our On-The-Water Anarchy channel at Justin.TV to check it all out starting at 1100 CET (1000 GMT) for the skipper’s meeting, and 1230 CET for the first race. 

Civilized it may be, but we’re glad to see one of our supporters and the longtime SA fans at Melges Europe doing so well, attracting the kind of Cup and Olympic talent to the 20 class that they have.  Mer’s practice race gallery is here, and results of the practice are here.