the win

the win

Our good friend Jon Shampain navigated the SC 50 Horizon to a clean sweep in the Pac Cup and here he reflects on The Win.

The fat lady finally sang and we’ve had a few days to eat, shower and sleep like normal people. We’re staying at a beautiful compound across the bay from Kaneohe Yacht Club with it’s own Menahuni Fish Pond on premises and rest and relaxation are the order of the day. We managed to accomplish the full rout, 1st to finish, 1st in class and 1st overall. As a bit more of the sweet we took an hour or so off the SC 50 Pacific passage time.

In the 8 days 10 hours we saw a bit of everything. #3 upwind, #2 JT reaching with Genoa staysail, all sorts of kite work, everything except a real gybe. Our only gybe on the course was accomplished while the kite was down and we were rerunning a different sheet as the grinder usually chews up at least 1 set of spinnakers sheets each Hawaii race and this Pac Cup was no exception. We had 1 very dark night with a confused sea state and plenty of breeze and we had days of perfect trade wind sailing,14-19 TWS @ 145 TWA. This year the weather was very unusual but it allowed us to sail Great Circle’ish and make the passage with very few unnecessary miles. Another way to make a fast passage. Very different from last year’s Transpac where for the first 2 days Horizon had little VMG as she sailed towards Guadalupe Island to follow the great southern route.

Hearing of all the various problems other boats in the fleet endured made me realize that we really had a very uneventful crossing. We did break the bolt that holds the head seat down. Okay that sounds pretty smart ass-y, but it is the truth!

As I write this most all of the fleet is in and the club is in full gear. The atmosphere is festive and KYC is a very cool place to hang out. Tomorrow night the parties start, ending with the awards Friday night. Crew are beginning the process of readying the fleet for the trip home and by early next week this will be nothing more than a memory…for the crew of Horizon a very good memory.