reality bites

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reality bites

Deneen Demourkas form Groovederci fills you in on the latest in the Tour de France a la Voile 2010…

We have finally arrived the Med…  It’s amazing to me that almost three weeks of sailing have gone bye.  Unfortunately, I’m feeling like we peaked too late as opposed to our last  venture here when we peaked too early.  After winning the offshore to Royan (huge in my book as we had never ever won an offshore here) we had “event winning results”, only a bit too late in the game.  Our inshore and offshore specialist teams are set by now and everyone is comfortable in their rolls onboard.  The team has “gelled” as it would and we are ready for the short Med legs, fighting to the bitter end!

There have been a few organizational hiccups (Tour organization) along the way but we along with the rest of the fleet have managed.  There was the time we were departing Pleneuf and the “organization” had no address for us (the entire Pikey Camp”) in the next stop city (Lorient).  This was funny in that Lorient had just created the “City of Sail” exposition on the waterfront and they were not ready for us by a long shot.  It all sorted out in the end but not without some major stress on shore managers.  Luckily for us our navigator Jeremie Beyou has his base in Lorient so we had a home no matter what.  His team (and lovely wife) invited us to park everything there at their base and further hosted us for a very nice party the next night.  Jeremie’s base is pretty impressive and upon arrival we were all drooling over the Open 60 (his former Delta Dore) sitting in the shed.  Yea… Open 60.. that looks pretty damn good after a few hundred miles on a Farr 30.

The next hiccup was that we were to haul out in Royan on a Friday night after inshores and then travel on Saturday.  Somehow the “organization” forgot about the Tour de France.. THE Tour de France, and some roads we needed to cross were going to be closed.  So.. race, haul boats, pack the camp, attend the prize giving (mandatory) and then hit the road around eleven at night for an eight hour drive south.  Most teams arrived in Port Camargue around seven in the morning without any place to go other than the parking lot of a hotel and wait for check in at two in the afternoon.

The first night here was usually the last night on the Atlantic and as I recall, the party on that night before the road trip was a wild one!  On this first night in Port Camargue, with a “day off” the following, it was not to disappoint!    A text message arrived at six thirty in the afternoon informing us that there was to be a “Toga Party” in the Pikey Camp that night.  Team Groove stepped up to plate as always and the rest, is history.

There was a little incident with our chef and an unnamed crew member not making it back to the hotel.  Stolen watches, wallets, shoes and believe it or not.. shorts too!  A bit of a scene this morning trying to sort out the carnage but as of now, I believe all are in bed, safe and sound, mentally switching the “ON” button for when racing begins tomorrow.  Enjoy the video… it may be long (and it was a long night), but well worth it.

Over and out from the Ensenada of the south of France.. this place bites.