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Thanks to AC researcher extraordinaire Stingray, it looks like Sailing Anarchy once again is lucky enough to bring you major info on the America’s Cup before anyone, and in this case, it’s some big ammunition to help the 34th Cup come to San Francisco Bay. The City is scheduled to release their comprehensive Economic Impact report on Monday that details the financial benefits of holding the 34th Cup in town, but we’ve got it today.

It cites a conservative ethos, relying only on quantifiable and evidence-based impacts, and is done on the city’s behalf so presumably there’s some objectivity. The report sees around 1.9 billion dollars in economic activity flowing immediately into the Bay area from the actual Cup match itself, never mind the possible pre-events, all the training, and the exposure benefits to potential tourists and investors. Analyses with more widely varying levels of benefits and a longer view of a cup cycle cite nearly 10 billion in quantifiable effects to San Francisco.

It’s a strong document, and gives us that much more reason to believe that SF is a done deal, even if GGYC doesn’t want SF – or the world – to know it just yet.

Here’s the report, snooped out by the Stinger.