horizon job!

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horizon job!

Update: Indeed, Horizon was first to finish, won their class, and likely will grab overall as well. Incredible job!

I know the Thursday start was key, but Horizon sailed hard, made some good decisions, was well prepared and had a crew that has sailed together on this boat and others for many seasons. Another key is to have a great owner who knows what it takes and lends his support both emotionally and financially towards this common goal. We’ve had a banner couple of years; class win in the last Transpac and a 2nd in class to Reinrag the Transpac before, again a class win in this years Puerto Vallarta Race, a 2nd at MEXORC this winter in a very competitive 50’s class, a clean sweep in this years Catalina Race, finishing 5 boat lengths in front of Ragtime, 2 years of wins for the PORC SoCal Trophy, the list goes on. Hopefully none will think this PacCup was an accident. We are 55 nm out of the finish line with a 2200 ETA Hawaiian Standard Time.

We have not heard another yacht make the 100 nm check in so we are feeling pretty good. We should hear War Pony, the Farr 36 who have sailed a bitchin race very soon and then Hula Girl, our almost sistership and somewhere will be Limit, the RP 63 who have spent the past few months sailing around California and Mexico. We still have to wait until tomorrow to find out how we’ve done against the Criminal Mischief as the 2 day jump they gave us makes us give them back some 18 hours. So I won’t sleep well tonight, I can’t take the pressure. This will be the last install of these pieces and I hope everyone enjoyed. You will have to go to the Pac Cup web site tomorrow to see how it all turns out. But right now we think we need to buy a broom.

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