home stretch

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home stretch

The SC 50 Horizon can taste the Pac Cup clean sweep…

This should be our last full night at sea. Today the wind has lightened a bit and we are sailing in beautiful trade wind conditions of 13-15 kts, painted clouds hanging in the sky and when the sun finally gets low to the horizon the temperature is delightful. It continues to be a race to remember for us on Horizon, as of this moment we are the lead boat. Yesterday when the wind lightened up we were able to put 60nm on the little mini transat, and we continue to pull big mileage on most in our class. We have a few potential spoilers, first would be Limit. The RP 63′ from Australia is coming and coming fast. We need to finish before her to get that 1st to finish designation. Then there is my buddy Jeff and his band of Criminals on another RP 45′. They won’t beat us to the finish line but when we finish they have another 15 hours to correct on us for the fleet win. I have no more fingernails as I tend to chew them off when I’m nervous…and I’m very nervous. Finally there is a SC 50′ Pac Cup record within our reach set by Roller Coaster in 1998 of 8 days,15 hours,21 minutes and 5 seconds. We’re not greedy but we would like to win them all!

We have 275nm to the finish in Kaneohe Bay and an ETA some time Friday evening. Then some serious R&R before the work begins again getting Horizon ready for the return home to California…but not before 10 days or so on Kauai!