not to pee

not to pee

After reading the article where a couple of OD racers were cited by the local Harbor Patrol boat
for exposing themselves off the back of their boat coming into the channel of San Diego Bay (not free to pee) I
felt compelled to write. First let me point out when it comes to the law, there is no difference
between urinating off the back of your boat or standing on street corner in a residential
neighborhood and urinating on a stop sign. They both carry the same penalty. And to me
personally, they are equally offensive. As per the California Penal Code violations, the standard
fine for urinating in public is $270 for the first conviction.

I race with a crew of 2-3 women regularly and cannot count the number of times some guy
whips it out within 2 boat lengths and decides to flash my crew, including my wife. Now for the
purists who suggest it is better than peeing in a bucket, let me point out most often these
offenders are on boats with fully functioning heads. It is not really a matter of necessity in most
cases, it just seems to be "the cool " thing to do.

I’d like to ask all you stern pisser to consider who might be crossing your stern as you do this
next time and realize that should that boat have children under the age of 14 on it, you could
very easily end up on a sex offenders list for the world to see and be required to register for the
rest of your life. But while that is highly unlikely, one thing is for sure, the next time you do it in
front of my wife and/or my female crew think about the fact that they could be your wife,
daughter or girlfriend and ask yourself how much you would appreciate that.

John Dodge