mix and match?

mix and match?

Surely the time has come for the two organisations that are trying to turn yacht racing into something like F1 – namely Volvo Event Management and A/C – to agree to use a VOR70 for both events (or a variation of it).

The VOR 70 is perhaps the most exciting monohull to be designed to date and the footage we have seen from the In Port races when the wind and sea is up has been fantastic. Imagine what it would be like if the VOR 70 had different setups one for the VOR and another for the AC using the same hull but using different rigs, sails, and foils!! The other advantage is it would give the teams every reason to be setup and run continuously and be run just as professionally as any F1 team and would undoubtedly lead to more teams and yachts taking part in both events which must be good for the sport. Sure the VOR70 isn’t going to be as fast as an AC multihull but what everyone wants to see is lots of action, lots of water across the deck and lots of competition. Remember the AC in Perth? Great sailing, blue sea, wind, sun and a great spectacle, and that was with the broadcast technology all those years ago and there is no comparison between a 12 Meter and a VOR70.

Knut Frostrad and his team have already proved what can be done and have a great vision of what could be done, so that coupled with all the knowledge an commitment that has come from the AC would surely result in great teams, great yachts, and a great spectacle. To your normal man in the street is doesn’t matter whether the yacht is doing 40 knots or 20 knots as long as it looks great on TV, in the pictures or on the Web and most of all they understand the racing because the yachts are close together and there is loads of action.

Sailing needs something radical to pull everyone together so that millions of dollars aren’t being spent in opposite directions and we end up with a sport and spectacle in which the corporate businesses