the view

the view

Some days we have what we think is a very good problem; too much good video for one front page.  So here’s a little feature highlighting four high-impact videos – three of them in HD – that we think rock the sport.  Check it.

A ginormous youth icon like High School Musical’s Zac Efron holds more promise for reaching millions of teenage kids than a hundred Morning Lights ever could.  It may not be perfectly accurate from our point of view, it may be sappy and kind of dopey, but then again, so is Wind and we’ve all seen that one.  Opening July 30th, Charlie St. Cloud is the story of a star junior racer who abandons sailing and a Stanford scholarship when his brother is killed in a car wreck, only to have his love for the sea rekindled when he falls in love with a beautiful round-the-world sailor chick.  Take your grommets and get ’em psyched for sailing.  Thanks to laser184425 for the find.  Regular res link here for the bandwidth-challenged.

Time-lapse photography is the ultimate tool in a sport that often moves at walking speed, and this HD video from the 2009 running of the world’s biggest overnight race, the Færder seilasen, shows this fact off perfectly.  Over 1000 boats race from the Oslo cityfront, down the Oslo Fjord, and back under the North’s midnight sun, and the parties go on for a long, long time.  Low res here, and the event site is here, but you’d better speak Norwegian!

We just can’t put a lid on these C-Class guys, and here’s some stuff from the British Invictus team showing them putting their baby through her paces with just a short time left until the Little America’s Cup.  And here’s an update from Paul Larsen on their progress, with some gorgeous pics. Low res here.

We told you yesterday that Spithill and Gashby are stinking it up at the F-18 Worlds, and today they did no better, though Ashby’s long time partner Darren Bundock has a sick scoreline and a five point lead with crew Will Howden, and Mitch Booth trying to stay in touch.  The video is part 2 of a wrap-up video (see part one here) from the ’09 Worlds in Belgium, and it once again makes us say "they did WHAT?" to the Olympic idiots who canned cats from the world’s premier small boat regatta in favor of the…umm…more TV friendly Star, and Finn, and Laser, and……anyway, hit ‘fullscreen’ and turn up the volume!