quite clear


quite clear

We liked this from anarchist Learning J24.

From the protest committee’s Facts Found:
"Windspeed was 15-20 puffy and shifty. Both boats reaching at a speed of about 5.5+ knots between the windward and offset marks on starboard tack. J-24 was clear ahead by 1/4 to 1/2 boat length and to leeward with a boat width of separation. J-24 was clear ahead at the zone and within the zone for the offset mark. J-24 luffed abruptly to nearly head to wind due to a change in wind (rounded up. Soling bore off to avoid a collision, became overlapped to windward shortly before the collision and was always the keep clear boat and obligated to give J-24 room at the offset mark. The bow of Soling collided with the starboard stern quarter of J-24 about 3 feet from the stern. J-24 spun around due to the collision and there was further contact along the sides of both boats (starboard sides both boats)."

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