feint to black

feint to black

A continuing font of information for the C-Cat obsessed, the boys from the defending RCYC sent in this picture of their new toy, which is nameless for the moment (though that might change as early as tomorrow).  First sail was scheduled for today amidst a crowd of onlookers, and sailing photos are sure to follow soon.  You’ll remember that Fred and Magnus built Orion last year in preparation for this August’s Little America’s Cup, and while we’d love to know why they needed another defending boat, they’re unlikely to tell us much just yet.  You also might remember the noise created when these same Canucks so publicly tested the fully foiling ‘Off Yer Rocker’ just a couple of months before the last LAC – that one turned out to be more of a head fake to keep then-defender Steve Clark guessing than a legitimate challenger.

So will the new boat, which shows significantly different hull forms than the ultra-narrow wave-piercing Orion, be the real Defender, or is this just another feint?

You’ll find out when we do, and you’ll be able to watch the whole thing live (along with tens or maybe hundreds of thousands others) when OTWA comes to town for the Cup this August.  Good times.

From ‘blunted’: We could play, "What is it?" , but with the wing hanging over it and the C-Class pinnies hanging up,  it would be an awfully short game.I am not saying anything else beyond, "she is SWEET!"

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