quarter pounder

quarter pounder

The latest from Genny Tulloch…

Sorry for the short write up but since we got home at 1030 last night and have had very late/short dinner and debrief, there’s no time to do a good explanation before bed.  We went 2-1 yesterday in the Gold Round Robin, beating #1 ISAF ranked Lucy Macgregor and our American teammates then losing very closely to Katie Spithill after leading around the track, (there’s a video here where I was interviewed about the day by USSTAG’s Dave Johnson). 

Today was the end of the Gold Round Robin and the beginning of the quarterfinals.  We came out seeded 4th, so race 5th seed Lucy Macgregor in the quarters, and in a very shifty and mostly light day we went 1-2 against their team.  The first race we led off the line and around the course, the second race there was a 60 degree right shift in the prestart and we were over at the line, and the final race we drew a penalty on them in the prestart but then were late off the line, and they were able to extend in the very light conditions and do their penalty upwind and beat us to the finish.

The organizers wanted to get through the quarters and semis today but the breeze didn’t cooperate well; they held us on the water until 830 pm before the breeze shutoff completely in the last race.  Now they have a lot on their plate to finish the quarters and get through the semis and finals tomorrow in the last day of racing. We’re hoping they’re able to get it all in!

You can follow the results on the event website.