draft day


draft day

The latest move forward in the AC…

In a joint initiative by the defender, San
Francisco’s Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, Italy’s Club Nautico
di Roma, a draft of the Protocol rules for the 34th America’s Cup was sent to the
challenging teams today.

Foremost amongst numerous innovations is a forward-thinking structure that allows
funds and assets to transfer from one America’s Cup to the next.
The draft is a ‘listening and living’ document. Teams have been invited to comment and,
contribute to its final form.
This follows an already unprecedented level of cooperation with the Challenger of
Record and a dialogue with potential teams. It offers another chance for input before the
Protocol is finalized and published by the of 31st August 2010 target.“This has been a painstaking process, but we believe it sets out a New Deal for the
America’s Cup and fair play for all teams. It also incorporates the vision of the Cup held
by Larry Ellison and BMW ORACLE Racing,” said Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW
ORACLE Racing.

“To create a fair playing field we plan to issue all of the event rules before the end of the
year, and this is a significant first step in that direction,” Coutts said. “Teams will know
exactly what they are signing-up to. Read the rest