on board


Anarchist Ronnie Simpson is Hawaii bound…

So I’ve been out here for a bit more than two days and I’m finally getting my sea legs. The first couple of days were very rough. After a less than stellar start, we pounded to windward in 30 knots of breeze just to leave the gate. With 1 reef and a #4 I was overpowered and went down to 2 reefs. Heading southwest from San Francisco at about 225 degrees, the breeze would eventually ease a bit and I could return to 1 reef. Hard to weather I was happy with our progress. Before the day was through, the breeze would pick back up significantly. Back in went the 2nd reef, then the 3rd reef. For the rest of the first day and most of the 2nd day, my sail plan would remain like this.

Seas were big and the expected 30 knot blow lived up to its expectations. Fortunately the sea state was pretty organized, for which I’m very grateful as the quick transition from being on land to being in big seas was not good for my system. I’ve just started being able to hold down my food. I always say I never get sea sick, and I usually don’t, but those first two days. Wow. The velocity with which my freeze dried spaghetti exited my mouth and covered the cockpit was most impressive. Feeling better now.

With the solid breeze and position of the Pacific High, I thought I would get a rhumb line shot to Hawaii, but I don’t think that’s the case. I made very solid progress during the first few days and I am the closest monohull to the finish, but I am now having to head a bit more south. This is not good for my position. I fear that the Olson 30 "Idefix", my biggest competitor, is going to do some damage to me over the next 48 hours. Damn. Better to give up ground now and get south than to sail into the high, and remain too far north at the Ridge.

I’m debating another sail change right now, although I’m making decent speed and like the balance of the boat. I’ve cracked off onto a beam reach, almost broad reach, and am just now starting to get my first taste of Pacific Ocean surfing which is helping my boat speed.

1 boat "Southernaire" did not make the start as he had SSB problems and no sat phone. Another boat "Bandicoot" has headed back to port with comm problems, while "Mirage", the Black Soo has headed back with charging problems. All three boats are expected to re-start, if they haven’t done so already.

I expect to turn the corner within the next 48 hours and get the chute up. It’s a bit wet and messy down below aboard "Warrior’s Wish", but I’ve got things under control and am working on getting things a bit more dry and organized. At least we’re not getting pounded anymore!!

You can follow all of the boats in the race on the Singlehanded Transpac website.