almost golden

almost golden

After two days of racing at Kiel Week, we have advanced through to the Gold Round Robin as the top seed of our Group B!  We went 3-0 today, including wins against #2 World Ranked Claire Leroy and last year’s World Champion Nicky Souter.  It was a light, very shifty and puffy day on the water, with less rain and more sun than we anticipated. With a skewed starting line for most of our races, our game plan was to win the pin and get the first cross, and we were able to execute that plan when needed. 

Our closest race was against Claire Leroy, where we got a penalty in the pre-start, were able to get ahead on the upwind, and then got into a luffing match on the downwind near the leeward mark.  We did a fake gybe and they took the bait and gybed into us, with a Port/Starboard foul offsetting our initial penalty.  However, Claire gybed so hard she forced us onto Port with her, then into the zone, so we called for a red penalty as it was clearly a change of control for the race.  The umpires gave her the red, which meant she had to take her penalty turn immediately but we still had our initial penalty.  We got to the right for big right pressure and a shift, and were able to take our penalty on the upwind leg and still win by a good margin. 

We won the other two races today and went 3-1 yesterday to go 6-1 for the round, putting us as the top seed in our group and advancing us to the Gold Round Robin, along with Claire Leroy’s team who finished 2nd.  Nicky Souter and Ekatarina Skudina (the team that beat us) advance to the repechage to fight for the last two spots in the quarterfinals.  The Gold Round Robin consists of the top two seeds from each of the three groups, and we now race the other 5 teams in the Gold Round for seeding placement going into the quarterfinals.  The other American team of Anna Tunnicliffe, Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi also made it through to the Gold with a 3-0 today and 6-1 record, so it was a great day for US Women’s Match Racing.  Alice, Jenn and I have been working on improving as a new team, especially in communication and boathandling, so are really looking forward to some good close racing over the next couple of days.

We’d like to thank coach Dave Dellenbaugh for his help this week, Dean Brenner for coming out to support today, USSTAG and St. Francis YC for their assistance, as well as suppliers GU and Kaenon Polarized.  You can continue to follow results here:http://www.kieler-woche.de/eng/englishdefault.php.

Genny Tulloch