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getting real

Adventurer Ronnie Simpson gets down to business…

The start of the Singlehanded Transpac is now less than two days away. The one thing that every skipper in the race has been pouring all of their time, money and energy into for the better part of a year is finally about to happen. It’s here. Tonight was our weather and tactics seminar, and all indicators point to the fleet sailing out of the gate on Saturday morning only to be greeted by a gale. It’s blowing 40 out there right now, and should blow 25-35 for the first few days of the race. With challenging conditions from the outset and a wide variety of boats in the race, it should be epic. It’s anybody’s race. Our fleet may be small, but we have a 54 foot trimaran, a Mount Gay 30, several ultralights, a slew of displacement cruisers and everything in between. With several veterans and even more first-timers, it’s truly anybody’s race.

By the time that you read this, all of the boats will be down at the docks at Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon on the northern shore of San Francisco Bay, in preparation for our Saturday morning departure with the first warning signal at 11 AM. The docks are open to the public and if you’re in the Bay Area, we invite you to come check it out. This is America’s longest solo ocean race, and for many anarchists out there, it’s right in their back yard. So come check out this great race! Maybe you’ll get the bug and choose to join the fleet in 2012…

As for me and my program, i’m feeling pretty good. I just picked up my Doyle main from Doyle’s Alameda loft. 7,000 miles on this sail and it’s still going strong, thanks to solid construction and good local service. Cal Marine Electronics at Pier 40 has helped me make a few last minute electrical repairs and get my radio modem working, while West Marine Alameda rig shop helped me out with some new halyards. Thanks to Hope for the Warriors and all of my other great sponsors, my boat is ready and I feel ready. I can’t speak for the other skippers in the fleet, but my adrenaline is already pumping. I can’t wait to get out there and compete in my first solo ocean race. My boat’s covered in decals, packed with gear, full of freeze dried food and ready to go. It’s go time.

Go Pro cameras has recently come on board as a sponsor, and with their sick new Hero HD cameras, I hope to record some great footage and post it up on these very pages. With a radio modem and sat phone, I plan to keep all of your anarchists up to date on my progress as I race for Hanalei. As for the rest of the fleet, many of them will be blogging on the Singlehanded Transpac’s race website. The entire fleet will be checking in with positions twice a day, also to be posted on the web.

Here’s a video I made with my new GoPro last week when practicing in the Bay.

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