on the water


The Star class Europeans are this year in Viareggio, Italy. Perfect Med conditions, warm blue water, 80-85⁰F and sunny every day.  The only blight on an otherwise gorgeous location is all the large hairy eastern block star sailors that think they look good strutting around in nothing but their buggy smugglers for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere…

The team from New Zealand of Hamish Pepper and Craig Monk had about as tough a day as possible. With a bad first up wind leg going right when only left was paying they got to the top mark dead last over the next 2 legs they managed to claw back 50 spots only to lose all but 20 of them again on the last downwind, finishing 84th. Monk was overheard to utter, after the race, in his understated style “Well that was character building!”

In the fifth race Emilios Psycopathicus came into a bottom mark rounding with Mark “menstrual cramps” Mendelblatt and promptly shoved his boat into a spot that it did not belong…it was clear to all but the blindest of judges that he did not have an overlap. This prompted a burst of profanity and screaming from Mendelblatt that would make Howard Stern blush….all within earshot of both jury boats and the race committee. Not exactly enjoying what they heard, the RC mentioned something about not sportsman like conduct and a Rule 69. Very shortly after there was a very apologetic half page note posted on the regatta notice board from Mr. Mendelblatt stating how sorry he was and that it would not happen again.

Another moment that caused a lot of snickering and laughing among the star crews happened when a few of the very well dressed and talented local young ladies were walking across in front of a certain American US Sailing lawyer that is head of the jury, when he said out loud for all to hear, in the girls direction, “I saw you checking me out…girls” as he strutted by them.

The racing was close all week with a few of the top contenders getting the odd deep result…and with 132 boats racing it could easily ruin your week and mixed things up a bit. Polgar – Koy sailed very smartly and beat a last ditch effort by Mark Mendellblat to keep the top spot which he had occupied all week. The Americans managed 3 out of the top five spots, a brilliant result considering the shifty and often difficult conditions. Full results.