nearly gone

nearly gone

The latest on Abby Sunderland…

The rig is entirely GONE along with the dodger. It does not look like anything is dragging in the water – it looks pretty clean.
The swells look BIG even in the photos.
Abby may have the drogue out…..And she may have cut the rig away she does have tools aboard to do that with.

But there are absolutely positively NO bare poles what so ever down to deck level…..It does look like there is a bow pulpit railing, wind generators, and solar panels are all still there.

The main EPIRB from inside the cabin with GPS is still going but the PLB is either dead or she has turned it off.  She has been instructed to turn on the third outside automatic deployable EPIRB with GPS today and to be ready with a few personal items to be recovered.

Fishing vessel will be on scene at 0730 UTC…..Then we will go from there…….The Captain of the fishing vessel will assess the situation and decide how or what to do.
The safety of all concerned will be the main focus.

As i told them this morning and he responded "That is what we are here for":

The Aussies have done a BRILLIANT job……….THANK YOU.

Photo courtesy of Australian Search & Rescue.

-Scott Lurie