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We’d like to cover more disabled sailing, and we encourage those of you involved in that aspect of the sport to send in reports from as many events as possible. Here is a translation of some disabled sailing that took place France a couple weeks ago. Much thanks to anarchist Agnes.

For the 4th Edition, the Neo 495’s NATIONAL CUP was held in Cherbourg’s harbor (Normandy) from 13 to 15 May, organized in collaboration with: Cherbourg’s Sailing School; for the logistics Regatta,
T interactions, a Swiss foundation, owner of Domaine de la Pierre Bleue, lodging accessible
Class Néo495 (class association for Néo 495). 7 crews traveled from all over Europe but also the Indian Ocean, with the following crew:

Eric Juguet / Brice Ramdhanie and Paul Conan from Yacht Club Portois, Réunion’s Island, Monique Foster, Vice European Champion in Access 2.3 came from Great Britain to crew with Paul Conan. Switzerland’Crews of Swiss Disabled Sailing Team with their coach Michel Darbre, George Scherler / Peter Murset and Patrick Parker / Carole Pahus and Geneva, Jonathan Matthey, Giacomo Begala accompanied by their coach, David Mekis, Geneva crew involved for 4 years the National Néo495

And also for their first participation of the Belgian team of the Bruxelles’ Royal Yacht Club, BRYC, Yves Brasseur / Jasper Balcaen, accompanied by Mady Fobert. Port Camargue and the Nautic Club of Port Camargue, South France, was represented by Alain & Willy Inzelrac, winners of the Open de L’Escala 2010, Spain.

The races were held in very favorable weather, a northeast wind of force 1-4 on Thursday, turning south on Friday sector force of 2 to 4, to move North weakening Saturday .

On 3 days, 8 races were sailed, with the sixth race of Friday afternoon was a coastal race of 12 miles between the small and large bay of Cherbourg. Ten marker buoys to turn on port or starboard made up the course.

Our crew of Port Camargue Alain & Willy Inzelrac led the race the first day, closely followed by the Belgian and Swiss crew.

After an average day on the Neo 495 "Geronimo" on Friday morning, our Metropolitan crew remained on land to allow Reunion’s crew sailing.
The Belgian crew BRYC, won the first round, Giacomo & Jonathan Geneva won the second race. Back on land, for a briefing around the coast race of the afternoon.
Amazing race that allowed everyone to discover a new way of racing. The Swiss team, George & Peter Scherller Murset on the T-Interactions Néo495 won coast race.

Our crew Réunion, the youngest of the fleet of Néo495, and our teammate English have fought well to finish 2 and 4 during the last round.
A great recovery of the Swiss team Carole Palud and Patrick Parker, they were 2 & 3 up on the last rounds.

Nice races to the crew Jonathan Matthey / Giacomo Begala Geneva, who ended on the podium!