want to race to hawaii?

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want to race to hawaii?

You might have heard that J/World, the Performance Sailing School, bought Paul Cayard’s personal boat, the turboed Santa Cruz 50 Hula Girl, over the winter.  J/World has been running various offshore racing and cruising programs on the west Coast, but has now really upped the ante. 

Next up: The Pacific Cup. The 2010 race starts in San Francisco the week of July 5, and there are still a couple berths available.  The nine person crew (including three coaches), will be racing Hula Girl to the windward side of Oahu.  You don’t have to sit on the sidelines and follow the race from your computer this time around.  Hula Girl was the second boat to Hawaii under Paul’s watch in the last race… That’s a pretty tough act to follow, but she’s a great boat and ready to give it another shot.

Hula Girl will also be available for charter to qualified teams for events like Big Boat Series, MEXORC, Newport-Ensenada…so don’t hesitate to contact J/World if you have wanted to be a part of any West Coast racing events and were hoping for an opportunity like this.  Call 800-910-1101 or visit www.sailing-jworld.com for additional info.