unhappy camper?

rumors and lies

unhappy camper?

Is the Camper/TNZ VOR project in trouble. Some anarchists think so…

"There are some very reliable rumors coming from Madrid that Camper will have no right to any fiscal deductions because they chose to sponsor a non-Spanish team.

As a result, always according to the same sources, the Spanish footwear company will NOT continue with its sponsorship (in fact they still haven’t signed a final contract with Team NZ) and the whole project will quietly go bust. Can anyone be dumber than that?"

Yet, we also have this: Your source is not as reliable as you claim. In fact we just finished meetings with Camper here on their sponsorship activation plans. Also FYI, the fiscal incentives in Spain are and have always been for Spanish companies, not Spanish sailors or Spanish teams. That is exactly why for example Team NZ were sponsored by a Spanish Beer company in the 32nd AC, Pirates of the Caribbean by Pescanova in 2005, etc.  Jump in the discussion