good to no go?

non race report

good to no go?

So the semi-vaunted Cal Cup (sleds, TP 52’s), sailed in of all places, California was sailed in surprisingly solid breeze in Marina del Rey on saturday, but was cancelled on Sunday due to sold 25 true and a good sized sea state. There were snickers about how soft the SoCal sailors are (not unjustified, btw) whenever it blows the equivalent of a normal day in ‘Frisco, for example, so we got an insider’s look from the peterson 66 Cheetah as to whether it was lame or not to quit the regatta.

10 years ago I would have said it was lame.  I’ve suffered some breakages in the last few years that make me feel it’s okay to back off a bit under certain circumstances.  I sent you the pictures of my Viper that the keel ripped off a couple of years ago.  It was a result of taking it out sailing each time they called off the Beer Can races for too much wind.  This is a simple buoy race not the Vendee Globe.  Cal Yacht interviewed the owners and had them come to a consensus on the max wind considering 10′ seas.  It was 25kts..  I think it was reasonable in that the race committee would have been in a bit of danger just setting the marks in their skiffs let alone rocking and rolling at anchor.  Some of the boats the day prior were breaking things in less wind.  The TP52’s were blowing up kites and some of the boat owners on the 70’s were voicing concern if it got over 25kts in those seas.  It wasn’t so much the wind strength but combined with the seas was what was the concern.  The RC came to us before setting out with the owners votes at 50/50 and we said we would like to sail.  The RC didn’t make it past the breakwater.  I was a bit relieved when they called it off and we could free sail.  The difference being that we didn’t have to beat straight into the swells and the pounding was considerably reduced.  The loads were so heavy the day prior it ripped a car right off the track when we slammed down.

Was it lame?  Not in my mind.  It was smart.  The RC didn’t run with their tail between their legs.  They interviewed the racers and made an attempt.  I think their are venues that lend themselves to any conditions.  This one on this day didn’t.