gulf warrior

gulf warrior

Layline founder "Crazy" Walt Brown is down in Louisiana trying to get officials to embrace effective new technology to fight the oil spill rather than allowing BP to continue to liquidate their old dispersant inventory while pretending to do "everything they can" to remediate the damage they’ve already caused to the wetlands of the South coast.  Like many good-intentioned people in the area, Walt’s already encountered a ‘wall of silence’ that the petroleum giant has erected by hiring thousands of local waterman and engineers to work for them after signing a 16-page agreement that prevents them from saying anything to anyone.  We’ll be following Walt’s efforts to put his closely on this page, and you can follow his blog and check out his pictures until then.  And hopefully, we can count on thousands of you to help put the pressure on when the time comes. Here are Walt’s latest updates:

I had a nice captain take me out on the Mississippi and into the back marshes.

I’ve never been on the Mississippi or into the Gulf. I commented on the current and the height of the river along the banks, captain said it is flowing like heck, best to keep the oil back. This was an ah ha, this wind blown oil is fighting a current to get to these marshes…  back in the marsh we measured a SOG current of 1.37 knots.

We took samples and pictures then headed out north pass and back in south pass.  While you could not see red blobs, the oil slicks were very apparent.  My Sailing Friends will understand this, we spend our whole lives looking for wind on water, we are good at seeing where there is something different about the surface of water as it reacts with wind.

It looked like the breeze was around 6 to 8  from the southeast, that is normal.  We were blasting along at 38 knots so we were covering some ground…. You would go from a rippled area to almost glass for 400 yards then back to ripples, about 10 times during our swing out and back in. There is a bunch of something on the surface, i can only guess it is oil from the leak.

Today I was interviewed by Darcy Bonfils, Producer of Good Morning America – She is doing a story on alternative clean up methods. She interviewed me on camera for 20 minutes.  Hopefully she will see the light and you will see me sweating like a pig on national TV.

In the afternoon we took McClatchy and Miamii Herald Photojournalist Steve Johnson for a boat ride to the fouled marshes.  He took some good shots he will share, may be a good long term contact. They were working on a story about impact on fishermen….

The trip to the marsh was telling.  To get to North Bay we ran a cut that was about a mile long. Yesterday the oil had not made its way Against the current up the cut and the marshes on each side.  Today, the oil had made its way the whole mile…

Woke up at 2am with a pounding sinus headache.  Yesterday my throat was more dry than usual, my eyes are not working like they do back home.  There is stuff in the air. You can smell it… Imagine what is there that we can not smell?

Today I am trying to get on Garland’s show on AM870. Big impact talk radio show.  Pushing, not getting through.

I’m keeping Ray Rivera, the Director of External and Intergovernmental Affairs for Secretary Salazar at the United States Department of the Interior in the loop.