See the Show

See the Show

J Funk takes a tour. Come along, won’t you?

Boat shows in Australia, if you are a yachtie are almost always a disappointment. A mixture of power boats, jet skis’, fishing equipment and more bogans than a V8 Supercar race meet, (think NASCAR and hillbillies if you are reading in the US), means that very few sailors bother turning up. However, now that I have moved house, I live a couple of hours drive from the biggest boat show in Oz and I figured I would have to give it a chance.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, is based at Sanctuary Cove on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Sanctuary Cove is a luxury development attracting people who like white clothes, gold trim and orange skin. Think the wealthy parts of Florida and a lot of self importance and you have the demographic. It is however a perfect place to host a show of this magnitude.

It’s a big money show. On the water, most boats are in the 10 – 30 metre range, (35-100’) with a few super yachts thrown in. There are well over 400 exhibitors, 200 boats on the water and some of them are even sailing boats.

If you are a high performance racer/dinghy man and you were wanting to see some new toys, you would be disappointed. There was little boat porn, there was some stuff if you were into the details, rigging, construction and some equipment, but by and large the sailing side of this show was aimed at the yacht/cruising market. And there was plenty if that is your thing. Boats, equipment suppliers, clothing, ropes, rigging, instruments, running gear! You could also look cool and arrive in a helicopter or boat – car parking was difficult, so go the glamour arrival if you ever do rock up.

Given the size of this show and reading comprehension levels of the average member on this site I decided to put together a little photo essay of the things that took my fancy. Like this beauty. More on her later.

Of course there were anarchists there! I chatted to Phil and Mel on their stand, plus the boys next door at Gurit SP Systems are members but wanted to stay anonymous. They both had some interesting stuff. Liros had some great new ropes, plus they had a new bung system that worked even if you forgot to do it up. So obvious, why didn’t I think of it sort of thing.

And the SP boys, if you are like me and like building boats, was a great place to stop. These guys are behind the build of some of the coolest boats on the planet and had plenty of info. Plus one was a good mate and had just had his first baby, so we had a lot to chat about. Congrats brother.

There were also some advertisers. Chris was there with the Weta. I convinced him to let me take one for a sail soon.

The boys from Scandinavian Cruisers were also there. These little daysailers have been discussed here as well. They are cool as shit looking miniature metre style boats. Set up to sail singlehanded, you can fit friends on for a laugh, or believe it or not, sail it by yourself from trapeze. I don’t know how they sail, but it sure was purddy!!

Being a dinghy bloke, there was bugger all eye candy left for me, but there were a couple of bigger boats that caught my eye. Jenneau had their new Sun Odyssey 50DS. It’s basically the 49 hull with a new modern looking deck/coachhouse. It looks gorgeous up close.

Fountaine Pajot had a bunch of boats, but this Lagoon 620 was a crazy beast. It looked like a double decker bus, but with all the driving done from the top deck. It was luxurious no doubt, but bloody hard to see your corners from the wheels up top. Be careful if you see one of these manoeuvring.

There was also a Marten 49, gorgeous boat, but that banner on the forestay trimmed like that, saw the bow smack into the power boat alongside non-stop. Expensive!!

There was some cool shit, like this Hummer golf buggy. And this polish, Dulon. The dude had this beaten up surf ski he was bringing back to life with his polish. Couldn’t believe my eyes!

Beyond that though, I spent most of my time checking the scenery. They had wandering minstrels….

Good verses evil, right. We like both, actually. Girls selling jetskis.Girls selling fish finders.A bloke who wasn’t only looking at boats! This young lass was putting on an amazing frontal display.A bloke who was thinking about polishing something else! And frankly, if Mrs Funk wasn’t such a red hot piece of work, this girl, who if she had played her cards right could have been the future Mrs Funk.