farr north

farr north

Another Farr 30 Euro report as we build up to the final Tour De France for the perennial favorite design.  This from MummaDuck at the Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta in Holland.  Check out the regatta site for results and pics.

Today I got on board with a big smile, with the predicted weather was +/- 10 knots breeze, sunshine and three races planned, not a better way to start the North Sea Regatta (I wasn’t available Friday). When the fog (this wasn’t planned!) cleared up a little bit we went out to the North course area.

The first race started with a "little" bit of current: very familiar to the three Dutch Farr 30’s who have seen the currents whirl in France, but very difficult for the more domestic oriented ORC-2 fleet, Two General Recall’s later we were ready for our first start. Both the boat speed and the start wasn’t perfect in the first leg (Brunel cleared the entire fleet on port tack at the pin-end) but we managed to round the mark just aft of Delft Challenge. Boat speed between both boats is quite similar and we both made very little mistakes. A 2nd place as a first result.

The second race got underway, after three (!) General recalls of the ORC-2 (including 1 black flagged) after quite some time. We had a pretty good start, but an even better upwind leg, we managed to round the first upwind mark in top position. After that we covered them quite successful, this race was a bit longer than the first (3 laps) but we managed to sail a clean race.

The last race was a bit trickier, the ship-end was slightly more favored and all three Farr 30’s were fully focused, starting very close to the ship. Brunel and DC got over early and had to return which meant we had a fairly clean upwind run; only two laps so the first leg was very critical! In the last spreader we slightly underestimated the current and hit the spreader mark: we managed a quick 360 and continued on sailing with DC very close. With very hard work of the entire crew we edged in front of them: Another 1st place!

Tomorrow another day of close racing, afterwards we will enjoy the ‘merits’ of the North Sea Regatta a little bit more, first we will have dinner with the majority of the MD team; after that we will have a small drink at the fantastic facilities and surroundings in Scheveningen,

Signing off,