it’s all relative, 2

reader rant

it’s all relative, 2

I sail on the Soto 40 "negra" in Argentina and I have read the last article you published ("argie bargie") about this incredible boat.

I also read the all the posts in the forum, and I can`t understand how some people are so conservative and closed minded. They said it is impossible to make a one design class of these boats in Asia, Australia or USA…???

Let me only tell you a little about how this class was made…

2 Argentineans owners who were tired of the awful boats they were sailing in ORC int. met together and said: we love sailing…we love racing… we want to go fast and have fun… Then they got together with designer Javier Soto and asked him for the fastest boat in 40 feet with limited budget and no rating conditions. That is how this boat was born. They believe in this idea and now there are 4 boats in Argentina, 4 boats in Brazil, And 5 more ordered for Chile!

We will be 9 boats sailing together in July on the Rolex Ihlabela sailing week (good number if you consider that in the Med Cup you have 11)

So…. how can some guys say it is impossible to get people in Asia for making an OD design class in Asia or USA, or Australia…?

We did it at South America, which is the end of the world for a lot of you.

So please sit down and take your time to think about this idea… and most important, believe in this!