the bollocks


the bollocks

So we hear some idiot poseur in the extraordinarily lame sailing media is ‘asking’ the question about whether Simon Daubney should be eligible for the America’s Cup Hall of Fame because he once tested positive for cocaine. Assuming the question isn’t a phony one, made up just for affect (a big assumption, we know) it is at best a stupid and ill-informed one. It represents the ignorant portion of society that views ‘illegal’ drug use as something to be punitively punished for, (while of course conveniently ignoring the use of the ‘legal’ drug, alcohol). The question also ignores the fact that using coke is not only not a performance enhancing drug, but actually quite the opposite. If Simon accomplished his success while high on blow, we say more reason to admit him to the HoF!

But of course what is more likely is that during his own time, he got high and then later failed a drug test – an invasion of his personal rights at worst and a dubious way of monitoring athletes at best. Honestly who cares what athletes do on their own time? We know the answer – the Nanny State cares. And a ‘media’ retard.

We’re not endorsing using drugs, but In a country that has failed miserably with the so-called war on drugs, to ignorantly ask if an otherwise fully qualified sailor should be denied AC HoF status because he snorted coke is to buy into all the stereotypes, deceit and hysteria associated with drug use. Bollocks.