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the fun

We haven’t done a local knowledge piece from here in Dago for a long time, and here’s one about the Cortez Racing Association‘s Opening Day race. CRA is a ‘paper club’ that has been running fun, mostly bay races here and on Anarchy, we have sailed a bunch of their races this (and last) year, because they, maybe more than any other SD club, have the fun factor nailed down.

This race was a 53 boat, 12 mile mostly light air bay/ocean pursuit start that was a kick because it had a little of everything long beats, long runs, actual need to navigate and the fun of passing boats all race long. (Is passing boats never not fun?) We managed to hit everything right and win the thing, which certainly makes it more fun…

As much as the multi-day, 5 or 7 race series are challenging, the CRA races are for us, just more fun and that’s why we race sailboats, isn’t it? It would be great to get more of the sporty-type boats out for their races – just six showed up for this one… In addition to their fun Beercan series starting May 26, there is the West Marine Challenged America – a great cause if there ever was one.

So this is the call out to get as many SD boats, sporties and otherwise, out for this event. No excuses. Sign up, be a part of a worthwhile event, and have some fun! Photo by Da Woody. Loads more here.