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We asked you anarchist parents to send in shots of your kids sailing, and did you ever! We have some great pictures and stories, and we love it. Be sure to click on this picture to see the smile on this kid…Got some kid stuff? Send it in!

I purchased my Flying Fifteen for $2000 10 months ago to race with my kids.  My daughter, 17, who had only sailed a couple of times before, raced with me all season.  She sailed plenty of practise days too with me also and improved to the point where we won Christies Sailing Club Championship, Commodores Cup and Sternchaser Cup.  Jessica also jointly won most improved Junior sailor.  We raced in division 3 against three other Flying fifteens and various dinghies.  Jessica progressed to the point where the spinnaker was always going up as we bore away at the A mark and didn’t collapse as we gybed, even if it was blowing 20 knots.  Having a fearless crew who was always looking for more wind so we could plane faster allowed us to achieve the best results you could hope for in her first season.


Jumping Jack Flash
Flying Fifteen 1678
South Australia